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Unparalleled Showroom Selling Tools

Inspire Your Customers – Accelerated The Sales Process
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Quick Solutions

Customers look for quick solutions to plumbing related problems and inspiration for building and home renovation projects.


Online Catalog extensive online catalog has 1000s of solutions online. As an in-store sales tool inspiration is accelerated, the sales process shortened


Why Use the Online Catalog?


Shorten The Sales Cycle

Using the catalog in-store shortens the sales cycle by providing quick and easy access all of your products.

Showcase Your Products

Show your customers more products across more categories without opening up printed catalogs.

Project Management

Group products into individual projects or rooms. Save, recall, print and fine tune projects effortlessly.

Show Specific Product Requests

Easily drill down into specific product requests. Sort by manufacturer, features, color, price-point, inventory and more.

Increase In-Store Browsing Selection

Use large screen monitors, kiosks or tablets to display individual products, assemble quotes and gather customer contact information.

Your Products Merchandised Your Way

We Manage Data - You Manage Your Showroom

  • Product data is normalized across all product categories.
  • Turn on or off manufactures with the click of a button.
  • Sort products by subcategories, collections, finish, specifications, transaction costs and more.

Display Product Your Way

  • There is no code to learn, just point and click to make catalog wide changes.
  • You control how product is displayed in the catalog.
  • Easily feature products online that match your in-store inventory.