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Increased Visibility

Capitalize On Online Opportunities places the products you sell within the markets you serve


No Loyalty

Searchers have no loyalty. If your website does not have the product and information they are looking for they will go somewhere else.

Passion or Problem

Potential customers searching for plumbing fixtures have a Passion or a Problem. Signaling a high intent to purchase.

The Local Advantage

Convert browsers into buyers by driving customers to your showroom.


Potential customers search locally for brand names, fixture types, room application, size, color and more. Search engines serve up results based on a searchers query.

Assisted Purchase

Decorative plumbing is an unfamiliar purchase. The average  homeowner will purchase decorative plumbing 4 to 6 times in a lifetime and will need guidance.


Relevant Search Results

Search engines have one specific job. To make search results more relevant to the user. A dynamic website with detailed product pages, properly structured location pages and proper Meta Data throughout the site will succeed in local search.

Popularity Contest

The internet is a popularity contest. Local website having the most specific category and product pages matching a searchers query are served-up by search engines. How may pages does your website have?


Location Marries Content marries the content of the online catalog with the physical address of your showroom. Geo-Location indicators on each product page match a searchers loation with the address of your store.

Driving Local Awareness

Local SEO goes beyond basic keywords and Meta Data. Learn how you can capitalize on online opportunities using Puts You In Position To Capitalize On Online Opportunities

Increased Visibility understands local SEO and Multi Channel Marketing. Our approach focuses on local search queries related to productes in your showroom.
Expanding Your Website
catalogPopulating and maintaining a website with tens-of-thousands of products is a drain of time and financial resources, let alone trying to figure out how Google works. will manage all the product content on your site and optimize the site and content for local search.
Online Catalog - Your Showroom

showroom strategically uses geo-location tags on product pages tying each online page to the physical location of your store. Google understands each page has a local brick and mortar address.

Focused Location Pages
map Have a Locations page with a map? So does Except we give you multiple locations pages for the areas you serve, built with the Local Business Structure Data format.